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SUSPECTED United Party for National Development (UPND) cadres have threatened unspecified action against Chief Mpepo of the Bemba for being too vocal against the opposition party.

The cadres have been sending threatening messages to Chief Mpepo of Northern Province for being a critic of the UPND leadership while supporting President Edgar Lungu.

Chief Mpepo confirmed receiving a message from an unidentified person warning him that if he continues telling PF cadres to attack the opposition they will pounce on him.

The message which the Daily Nation read accused the traditional leader of supporting the PF and sending cadres to attack UPND cadres in Northern Province.

But Chief Mpepo described the threats and the allegations as an insult.

He said that as a traditional leader, he is nonpartisan and does not affiliate to any political party.

The traditional leader said that he is not scared of the threats and challenged the person behind the message to come out in the open rather than hiding behind the message.

 “I don’t know who these people are but I know that they’re coming from a certain political party.

He said that as a traditional leader, he has been encouraging unity among political players in his chiefdom, adding that he is surprised that he has been maligned to a political party.

Chef Mpepo disclosed that when he tried calling the number after receiving the message, someone responded alleging that his phone was used by someone else in Mkushi and later switched off the phone.

He warned that he will not take lightly to anyone behind the message and that he will fight back.

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