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By KETRA KALUNGA                            

WE are in talks with Zesco on the use of transmission and distribution lines by Independent Power Producers (IPPs), the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) has said.

The enactment of the Electricity Act No.11 of 2019 enables IPPs to use the existing transmissions and distribution lines for Zesco.

ERB board chairperson, Jane Kabwela said when she featured on ZNBC Sunday interview that Zesco have welcomed the new piece of legislation and willing to work with the IPPs to deliver the service to the people.

Ms Kabwela said as a business entity, Zesco is alive to the fact that the enacted piece of legislation would bring investments and growth to the nation.

“We are talking with Zesco and Zesco are very business minded and very concerned about their services to the general public, they have welcomed the idea of the new pieces of legislation,” she said.

And Ms Kabwela said the country was ready for private participation in the energy sector to maximise on revenue needed for economic growth in the country’s economy, the ERB has said.

She said the country had potential of about 6, 000 megawatts and only about 2, 450 megawatts is being utilised. Ms Kabwela said as the regulator, they are promoting private participation to fill the deficit and grow the sector in line with the enacted pieces of legislation.

She said the Energy Regulation Act No. 12 and Electricity Act No.11 has enhanced the mandate of the ERB as it is now able to participate in the promotion of investments in the energy sector.

Ms Kabwela said as the regulator, they would utilise the two pieces of legislation to grow the energy sector by inviting private sector participation.

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