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Dear Editor,

I WAS in Lusaka for meeting. What I saw in Thornpark area between 13.00-14.00 hours was unbelievable, for those of us who live on the Copperbelt.

A gang of youths more than 200, armed with pangas, slashers, knives, catapults and all sorts of offensive weapons raided the area terrorising innocent people, motorists especially. The armed youths obviously had a political mission, though not wearing political regalia.

Whichever party they belong to, that level of impunity and terror should never be entertained.

I was informed by some motorist besieged together with us that such daytime terror is now commonplace in townships of Lusaka.

Mr. President, I earnestly beg you, as Commander in Chief to immediately deploy special troops, to reinforce police, before it is too late.

Believe me, from what I saw, unless decisive action is taken now, the country will surely witness serious mayhem in Lusaka by election day, or thereabouts.

As the saying goes, “when forewarned, you are forearmed.”

Please excuse me. I am from the old school of 1986 food riots. It took red berets to suppress the insurrection. 

Please note that this is a non-partisan post. This is a very serious national issue. No blood or life for any Zambian is worth losing for political ends. We are all Zambians before we belong to any political party.

I therefore appeal to any person who was in the area during that time, and took pictures or videos, to share please.


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