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HAKAINDE Hichilema has been challenged to substantiate his claims that foreigners would be voting in the forthcoming elections.

PF Kabwe Central parliamentary candidate Tutwa Ngulube has since advised the opposition leader to desist from making false statements he could not substantiate.

Mr Ngulube wondered why the issue of foreigners only comes every time there are elections.

He said such claims were painting a bad picture of the country especially that Zambia is a democratic country therefore the need for Mr Hichilema to be accountable for such reckless sentiments.

He said the opposition leader was in the habit of issuing alarming statements of things that do not even exist.

“HH is a leader who is aspiring to govern this nation, but someone would wonder what kind of leader is he who always wants to issue baseless statements to alarm the nation.   I therefore challenge him to bring forward the names of the so-called foreigners,” said Mr Ngulube.

And Mr Ngulube said there is need for Mr Hichilema to tell the nation if at all he had any information in relation to foreigners taking part in the voting process.

Mr Ngulube also cautioned Mr Hichilema to desist from issuing such statements because they do not mean well for the country as well as the international community.

“My question is that before you cast a vote, election monitors from ECZ check the particulars of the voter including the NRC, so why is HH always wanting to bring confusion where it is not necessary,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Ngulube has advised Mr Hichilema to conderm political violence which his cadres have been perpetrating across the nation.

He charged that the opposition leader had no leadership quality, therefore perpetuating lies so that he can attract attention from the public.

 He said even if Mr Hichilema was geared for the elections today, the fact is that he was not going to win.

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