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VANDALS have continued cutting down steel rods from the fence that was erected along the Bombay drainage to prevent people from trespassing and disposing of  garbage in there, concerned Lusaka residents have said.

Chaisa resident Masauso Phiri said vandals have continued cutting down meatal bars from the fence around Chaisa and if the place is not well guarded the vandals will get all the bars that are remaining.

The construction of the drainage was done by the Millennium Challenge Account Zambia (MCAZ), at a cost of US$60 million and saw reduction in floods  in some parts of the city.

And Lusaka City council (LCC) has said they will intensify patrols along the Bombay drainage to guard against vandals.

Lusaka Town Clerk Alex Mwansa said there is a rapid response team that was dedicated to protecting the drainage corridor that is already doing patrols.

He said that the security team has now been empowered with a van that will help strengthen security.

Mr Mwansa further said that the challenge comes in because the length of the drainage is very long and the patrol team cannot be everywhere at the same time.

He also called on the members of the public to work with the LCC by reporting any reporting any  vandalism that takes place along the drainage to the nearest council  office or ward.

Mr Mwansa also thanked   alert members of the community that reported cases of vandalism in Misisi and Chaisa.

Through their information we managed to retrieve some of the bars that were stolen even though the perpetrators managed to escape,” Mr Mwansa said.

He also so said that the council and the members of the public should  work together because the fence is serving a purpose that benefits everyone.

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