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By NOEL IYOMBWA                                

FIVE people have been apprehended in Lusaka for allegedly shooting and circulating a video on social media in which they were brandishing offensive weapons while proposing violence.

Police spokesperson, Esther Katongo, confirmed the arrests and identified them as Justine Chanda, Joseph Besa, James Sikalumbi, Joseph Chanda and Kassim Lungu.

Ms Katongo said the suspects were picked up yesterday around 03:00 hours in Lusaka’s Chazanga Township.

She explained that the five would be charged with proposing violence contrary to section 91 (a) and (b) Cap 87 of the laws of Zambia.

Ms Katongo said that one suspect was still on the run and a manhunt has since been launched.

“We would like to warn the public against committing offences on social media thinking they cannot get caught,” she said.

She warned that all those that would want to commit offences through social media would be smoked out to answer to charges.

In a video which went viral on social media, the five were seen proposing violence while brandishing offensive weapons.

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