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UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema is a treacherous man who has no empathy for Zambians, former Mbabala Member of Parliament Ephraim Belemu has charged.

Mr Belemu, who  held the seat under UPND said that Mr Hichilema should not be trusted because he was power hungry and only wanted to satisfy his ego.

He said he was not shocked that he had abandoned his committed UPND members and was focusing his attention on the alliance partners.

Mr Belemu said that Zambians should be careful because the UPND leader did not have a heart for Zambians.

“I’m told some senior members feel left out by the UPND leader who is working closely with the likes of Felix Mutati and other Alliance leaders leaving out the true reds,” he said.

He said that unlike what he was preaching, Mr Hichilema was not a caring man and that his main agenda was to get to State House at all costs.

Mr Belemu said people should not make the mistake of allowing Mr Hichilema to get to State House because of his treacherous nature.

He said a number of loyal members had ditched the UPND because they were not properly treated by the person they were willing to sacrifice for.

“It’s not a secret because a number of big fishes have ditched the UPND as the head of that party has no empathy whatsoever for Zambians and his party,” he said.

Mr Belemu said he decided to join the Patriotic Front which was an all-inclusive party because he was frustrated by the selfish UPND leadership.

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