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A FUEL shortage is looming in Muchinga Province following an influx of Tanzanian truck drivers in nearly all districts to buy the commodity which is cheaper.

The provincial Permanent Secretary, Captain Davison Mulenga said in an interview that Tanzanian truckers have invaded the region to buy fuel thereby causing a shortage.

Capt Mulenga said Nakonde, Isoka and Chinsali were experiencing a fuel shortage due to the influx of Tanzanians who are buying huge quantities of the cheaper fuel.

“The influx of foreigners is affecting us negatively especially that some fuel stations cannot meet this growing demand as a result fuel is running out every day,” he said.

He said the foreign truckers entering Zambia through the Nakonde border are opting to refuel in Zambia because it is cheaper.

Capt Mulenga has called on Oil Marketing Companies in the region to increase supply to avoid a shortage.

“Foreigners are coming to Nakonde and other districts to buy cheaper fuel in Zambia thereby causing shortages,” Capt Mulenga said.

He said fuel station owners should take advantage of the fuel demand to increase supply to avoid shortages.

“We cannot stop Tanzanians because it is a free market economy  so we cannot stop foreigners from buying fuel from here, the best that can be done is for fuel station owners to up their game and meet the demands of consumers and make profits,” Capt Mulenga said.

He said Tanzanian truckers are coming to Zambia almost empty to come and refuel owing to cheaper fuel.

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