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THE electorate in Chimwemwe constituency must ignore tantrums from those candidates seeking re-election after failing to deliver on their campaign promises and instead rally behind the Patriotic Front (PF) candidate Allen Banda who has proved to be a sober and humble person,  Chimwemwe residents have said

Mr Aaron Sakamba, a senior resident of Chimwemwe township, said while other candidates were throwing tantrums at Mr Banda and his supporters, others were making unrealistic campaign promises which has made the electorate to start doubting their sanity.

Mr Sakamba said, while Mr Banda was making campaign promises of empowering women and youths, others were making campaign promises of constructing airports in Chimwemwe constituency and others were promising to create jobs when themselves were unemployed.

“So you can see that the only person making sober and realistic campaign promises is the PF candidate, Allen Banda. These others are either throwing tantrums at him or making crazy campaign promises which has made the electorate to start doubting their sanity.

“So, for once, let us make a decision to vote for a sober MP for Chimwemwe. I can tell you that the last five or 10 years wasted years because of the MPs, we had.  We need an MP who is sober and has connections to help him address challenges in the constituency ,’’ Mr Sakamba said

Ms  Sakamba said the adopted UPND candidates lack capacity to deliver development to the people as evidenced by their failure to initiate simple community projects.

He said the lack of capacity exhibited by the UPND candidates in Kitwe and Copperbelt in general was enough reason for the electorate not to vote for the opposition but to ensure that PF candidates and President Edgar Lungu emerged victorious on August 12.

He said President Lungu and his candidates deserved to be re-elected into office because they had exhibited mature,  caring and responsible leadership which included using personal resources to support mini projects in their areas.

He said while some opposition leaders were boasting about owning a lot of companies,   they were failing to come up with initiatives of supporting the vulnerable in communities where they were living.

“The UPND outgoing MPs have lamentably failed to deliver or attract development in their areas. Furthermore, their adopted candidates lack capacity to deliver development to the people .  Some of these candidates have failed to show leadership even in communities where they live.

“A good leader must first cultivate good relationship within the community where he lives by supporting the vulnerable in the communities. He or she must show the heart for the vulnerable. For most of our MPs, they have shown what they are capable of doing even before being elected,” he said.

He advised Zambians to ignore the unpractical campaign promises and baseless lies from the opposition UPND because they have nothing better to offer but propaganda and falsehoods.

“Out of desperation for power and to win the hearts of the electorate, some opposition parliamentary candidates, especially those from the UPND, were making campaign promises which they had no capacity to fulfil ,’’ he said

He also said it was unfair for any one to blame President Edgar Lungu and the PF for the state of the economy because from the time, President Lungu took over , he has been fighting natural calamities which directly and indirectly affected the national economy .

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