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Action needed to stop dangerous propaganda


THE Government should impose strict censorship of social media to stop dangerous propaganda being spread by some unscrupulous individuals and organisations, the Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) president Wright Musoma has said.

The Government, he said should even consider shutting down the internet soon before, during and immediately after voting to avoid circulation of bogus PVT results.

Mr Musoma said falsehoods, insults and evil propaganda that risked plunging the nation into pandemonium after the upcoming polls was being championed through the internet.  

He challenged ZICTA to actively prosecute administrators and bloggers that were spreading lies and falsehoods.

Mr Musoma said blogs and Facebook accounts promoting hate and division through falsehoods have been created.

He has since challenged President Lungu to invoke his powers as the head of state to maintain law and order in the country, including censoring the internet if need be.

Mr Musoma in an interview warned President Lungu that some people were so desperate for power they were willing to do anything to get to State House.

He said the head of State needed to do everything in his powers by not compromising the security of the country if desperate individuals were left unchecked.

Mr Musoma said that already there were rumours that there would be riots if the UPND leader did not emerge winner in the August 12 polls.

“If the UPND continues on this trajectory and with this nonsense then government should disable the internet to protect the citizenry,” he said.

He said the UPND President, Mr Hakainde Hichilema was inciting people through cheap propaganda which was a recipe for chaos if left unchecked.

Mr Musoma said he was shocked with the levels of desperation by the UPND which had also engaged some compromised individuals to do his Parallel Voter Tabulation.

“What is his interest and I’m urging the relevant authorities to investigate this matter and one can wonder where the desperation was coming from,” Mr Musoma said.

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