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By ROGERS KALERO                                                             

POLICE in Kitwe yesterday discharged teargas to disperse close to 400 Democratic Party (DP) supporters at Twashuka Primary School ground in Chamboli township.

The DP members were waiting to be addressed by party president Harry Kalaba. Copperbelt Commissioner of Police, Elias Chushi, said police were forced to discharge teargas after the crowd became unruly and resisted advice from the police to disperse.

He said Mr Kalaba and his  members failed to adhere to police directives and health guidelines on Covid 19 as provided in Statutory lnstrunent Number 21 & 22 of 2020.

“Be informed that police in Wusakile received information on a political rally which was to be addressed by Democratic Party (DP) President Harry Kalaba, which was scheduled to take place yesterday around 1230 hrs at Twashuka Primary School ground, in which close to 400 people gathered waiting to be addressed by their party president Harry Kalaba.

“ Police went to the site and advised them to disperse peacefully,  but the crowd became unruly forcing the Police to discharge tear smoke in order to disperse the illegal gathering. The president and his  party members failed to adhere to Police Directives and Health Guidelines to Covid 19 as provided in Statutory lnstrunent Number 21 & 22 of 2020,’’ Mr Chushi said.

Mr Chushi said Mr Kalaba and some of  his members later mobilised people to go and attend another rally in Kawama Compound.

However,  Police intervened and summoned him to Wusakile Police where he was advised to follow the guidelines.

In his Facebook post, Mr Kalaba complained that he was teargased for merely distributing face masks.

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