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‘Opposition candidates are job seekers’

‘Opposition candidates are job seekers’


SOME opposition candidates are mere job seekers who have no capacity to deliver development but are misleading the electorate so that they can vote for them in the August 12 elections, Patriotic Front (PF) Copperbelt Presidential campaign team has said.

Campaign Team chairman, Frank Ng’ambi, said the opposition candidates especially those from the UPND have no practical plans to sell to Zambians hence resorting to violence and tribalism.

In an interview in Kitwe, Dr Ng’ambi said Zambians must ignore the lies from the UPND and instead rally behind the PF, President Lungu and his candidates.

He said Zambians must seriously compare the candidates from the PF and those from the UPND and other opposition parties before they could make a decision on August 12.

“They are mere job seekers who are hoping that if they tell lies to the electorate, they will give vote for them. Zambians must not vote for job seekers because after getting the job, they will dump them,” he said,

Dr Ng’ambi said the UPND must tell Zambians what solutions they would offer to the increasing prices of essential commodities instead of promising Zambians ‘Heaven on Earth’

He said the increasing prices of essential commodities was not only being experienced in Zambia but was being experienced by various countries because it has been caused by some global factors among them Covid 19.

He said opposition politicians must be honest and tell Zambians that the COVID 19 has adversely affected big and small economies in the World instead of accusing the PF Government of having mismanaged the economy

He said the opposition politicians especially those from UPND have embarked on a well-calculated falsehoods and malice to create an impression that the PF was not a caring government.

” Pandemics come and disrupt the normal way of living many times. COVID 19 has done just that. It has disrupted the ability of government to raise resources. With diminished resource mobilization by government, many sectors have been impacted. We have seen shocks all over our fragile economy,” he said

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