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We’ll restore sanity in Chingola – UPND

We’ll restore sanity in Chingola – UPND


UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) Chingola Mayoral candidate Johnson Kang’ombe has promised to bring back sanity in the district particularly inland administration.

Mr Kang’ombe said the UPND would realign Chingola to glory and that everyone would be able to acquire land as long as they qualified.

He said he would prioritise allocating land to the people equally unlike a situation where only a selected group of people was benefiting.

The Mayoral candidate explained that he had an open door policy that would allow him to work with the everyone in the district.

“Youths should be respected and be taken care of by giving them powerful empowerment programs such as land and employment.

“Under my tenure, indigenous young people will be empowered from time to time and Chingola will be a city that people have been dreaming of,” he said.

He said youths being future leaders and the majority of the population needed proper empowerment programmes to sustain their livelihoods.

Mr Kang’ombe said he wanted to leave a good legacy by the time he would be aspiring for a higher office in 2026.

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