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ZNUT explains delay in teacher recruitment

ZNUT explains delay in teacher recruitment

TEACHER recruitment for this year has delayed because of decentralisation and validation in the selections process, the Zambia National Union of Teachers (ZNUT) has said.

ZNUT general secretary, Newman Bubala, said that the decentralisation of the selection and validation process to the district level had contributed to the delay in announcing the names in this year’s teacher recruitment.

Mr Bubala said that the selection was still at district level because there are committees in each and every district that were facilitating the selections and validation of the names.

He said that the selection process might take a bit longer than usual because in the past selection and validation was done by the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) only, which was faster.

Mr Bubala also said that the addition to the projected number of teachers might also have contributed to the delay.

He said the additional recruitment was done within the administrative system to cater for replacements and this takes some time.

Mr Bubala, therefore, urged applicants to be patient because the TSC would announce the names of the qualified individuals after the selection process was done.

TSC had invited application for suitably qualified individuals to be employed during the 2021 teacher recruitment exercise in April this year

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