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THIS year’s general election is of more spiritual and physical, the Advocacy of Zambia’s Declaration as a Christian Nation, Bishop Billy Mfula has declared that

Bishop Mfula, who is also the overseer of Jesus Anointed Ministry, said this was so because the general election would be held 30 years after Zambia was declared a Christian nation.

Bishop Mfula said therefore that the elections would be unique and calls for all stakeholders to manage them correctly.

He said that the country has political leaders with hidden agendas concerning the nation’ status as a Christian country.

Bishop Mfula was speaking in Livingstone yesterday when he addressed the clergy.

The clergyman said that the church has a big role to play in praying for the country’s campaign and the general elections.

“The elections of 2021 are more spiritual than physical. This year is a unique year for Zambia. It is unique in that this country will be turning 30 years as a Christian nation.

“This year’s elections must be managed correctly because we have leaders who do not know what to do and what time to do it…please as priests tell your leaders what time this is and if they have a hidden agenda on Zambia’s declaration as a Christian nation, tell them to say it,” he said.

Bishop Mfula said that Zambia as a Christian nation has a covenant with God and not a promise adding therefore that its status as a Christian nation must be upheld.

He said this was the more reason why every political party and citizen must support the establishment of the Ministry of National Guidance and Religious Affairs and also the construction of the National House of Prayers.

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