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Dear editor,

Those who think I have been given something. I want to ask you. What has HH given you in order for you to be supporting him? If he has given you nothing then don’t ever think that I’m as disgruntled as you are. If your support for HH is purely on objectivity. My support for ECL is purely on objectivity. The way you chose HH, is the way I chose ECL. If you picked HH on merit, I picked ECL on distinction. You used theory while I used practical which is SONTA.

And to those saying I don’t have a heart for Zambia because I’m supporting ECL and PF. Let me tell you that those with a heart for Zambia are all supporting ECL. Those without hearts for Zambia are all supporting HH. Unless you tell me that you haven’t heard of how people who were laid off during  privatisation of the mines suffered. You say you are suffering when you are eating. Your friends who really suffered died out of depression. So your suffering of today can’t be compared to the suffering people were subjected to during privatisation.

Those with a heart for Zambia support ECL for yet again saving jobs for the miners who could have gone through what others went through during privatisation. Jobs at both Mopani and KCM are secure now because of ECL. Before you point one finger at me to condemn or to blame me, make sure that the other four are not pointing back at you. I don’t live on political handouts. I’m a hardworking boy by nature. I grew up a fighter and I have fought for my life thus far. My support for ECL is purely on love. I love ECL more than any other political candidate contesting for the August polls. To me he is the best of the best.

I love the man based on what he has done. On a scale of 10, I can give him 8. There’s unprecedented development in almost all the sectors in all the sectors of the economy. Nobody in the history of Zambian Presidents can beat his record. Talk of schools, universities, roads, housing units, agriculture, energy, mining to name but a few. All these areas have been developed by the PF.

To me, out of the top contenders for the seat, ECL  has a heart for Zambians. He has a heart for the old, drivers, civil servants, barber men, welders, youths, the vulnerable, the marketeers, farmers etc. I have gone through the different manifestos for different political parties and I still find that the PF has an all inclusive and best manifesto that pictures Zambia as at now and in the near future. If you want to hear what will come of Zambia, just get a copy of the PF manifesto.

Some political party manifestos are obsolete. You can’t figure out both the now and the future aspect. I’m not someone who supports a political party because my parents or friends or bishop is supporting it. I’m of age and I research into what each party has on offer for the nation then I go by the one with the best offer and in this case PF has the best presidential candidate with the best manifesto for Zambia. Some manifestos suit countries like Zimbabwe not Zambia.

With 14 days to go, I feel it’s like 3 months. I can’t wait to vote. All those making noise of change ensure you have got voters cards. We have been in this game for too long and we know how you deceive HH through social media. You make him look as if he has a huge following when only a few have voters’ cards.

12 August story izibika. Vote Edgar Chagwa Lungu. The man of the people. Na dollar akontolola. He was critised for firing BoZ governor  who made the Kwacha to lose value so that the UPND can use it as a campaign song. Now look at what Mr Mvunga has done. Tell that other agent from SA Tito Mboweni that Mr Mvunga has stitched the Kwacha from the wounds of  the qualified.

Mwamvera Temboh

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