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BREAKING NEWS: UPND cadres manhandle police officers (VIDEO)

UPND Cadres in Kasama this morning man handled two police officers and threated to beat them after they confiscated keys belonging to a bus which had offensive weapons on it.

This fracas started when the two police officer s who had received a tip-off that cadres had been roaming the area with a bus that had offensive weapons on it, and packed at Kasama’s Million Guest House where their running mate Mutale Nalumango , who is on a campaign trail in Northern Province is lodged, confiscated the keys to the bus after a search.

The threatened but resilient officers, who were seemingly lost for action as cadres pounced on him and asked him to surrender his keys, were later dispelled and warned not come back.
The action by the seemingly uncaring cadres was also graced with running invectives
“Mupokeni ama keys, iwe chik. Iwe chik tulekup*,” they shouted as they roughed up the officer.

Later, cadres took turns and posed on the camera to boost they had overpowered a group of police officers who had come to disturb their vice president and that they would badly beat them if they returned to the Million Lodge.

“The police came here. We have overpowered them. They found an axe and a panga. Its like they know the bus we are using . they just suspected there is something inside, said one of them.

“I think ng aba chifwafye apapene. We are not sleeping .We are on top of things. Muleponokwa, twalamiponona , bafikala, they cursed.”
The cadres claimed that the axe found on the bus was being used as a towing bar.

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