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No international observer has condemned the instant barbaric killing of two PF members in Kanyama, Lusaka, two days ago, Zambia’s Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany Anthony Mukwita has wondered.

President Edgar Lungu has allowed some wings of the Zambia Defence Force to join Zambia Police Service in the maintenance of law and order following the killing of two PF members by suspected UPND criminals two days ago.

Mr. Mukwita said the death of George Floyd in USA cost Donald Trump an election due to public pressure but that foreign observers remained mute over the killing of two PF members.

He said only President Lungu condemned violence consistently while others remained quiet.

Mr. Mukwita urged Zambians to take pride in President Edgar Lungu as he followed Christian values.

The Zambian Envoy was speaking when he featured on a Radio Phoenix Discussion Programme.

Ambassador Mukwita also said President Lungu cared for the interest of the people of Zambia without focusing on personal interests.

He said the Head of State took a bold decision to introduce 50+1 replacing the First Passed the Post in order for Zambians to choose popular Presidents.

Mr. Mukwita said President Lungu also increased the number of beneficiaries of the Social Cash Transfer programme.

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