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‘HH crowds rented’ – The people following him won’t translate into votes for UPND, says Makebi Zulu


CROWDS following Hakainde Hichilema wherever he goes are rented and only moved by euphoria, former Eastern Province Minister, Makebi Zulu has observed.

Mr Zulu explained that the people turning up at Mr Hichilema’s campaign activities were doing so out of curiosity to know the person who has lost elections five times consecutively.

In an interview, Mr Zulu said Mr Hichilema and the UPND were far from emerging victorious in the coming general election because of their lack of direction and poor leadership.

He said the UPND leader should not be misled by the  crowds following him because that would not translate into votes for him and his party.

“Hichilema and UPND should not be excited about the rented crowds they see at their mobile rallies which they have turned into super spreader events and this will not translate into votes for them because UPND is far from winning elections especially under Mr. Hichilema. 

“The huge crowds you see are those who want to physically see the person who has lost elections five times in a row and about to lose for the sixth time,” Zulu said.

Meanwhile, Mr Zulu said the PF was not intimidated by the number of people attending Mr Hichilema’s road shows which he has turned into mobile super spreader events.

He stated that the ruling party has adequately campaigned through the massive development they have delivered during the last 10 years.

“We are just waiting for August 12 to renew our mandate, this is a done deal, and our victory is sealed. We are not intimidated by Hichilema’s rented crowds,” he said.

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