NEXUS Music Entertainment artiste Towela Kaira known for her ‘No Drama’ song has defended her recent social media pictures which she posted showing her in a swimming attire.

The songstress who is also enjoying success of her current single ‘ Nalema’ featuring fellow Nexus Music Entertain- ment label mate F-Jay seems to be see- ing nothing wrong in her posting pic- tures of her in a swim attire at a named swimming pool.
A few days ago, social media went into a frenzy after the said pictures made round on social media pages showing the beautiful songstress semi dressed. Fans and followers expressed different opinions about the pictures with others suggesting they were too extreme for social media.
Others did not find anything wrong with the pictures as they believed Towela was having fun at a pool.
But some critics thought Towela is try- ing to seek attention and believe it was a wrong move for a public figure to expose her body like that.
However, in her defence, the singer posted a message in local language sug- gesting it was not wrong for her to do what she did as she was at a swimming pool. Her message on Facebook reads:
‘Nomba ku swimming pool kuya na bubu? SMH kuti wa fenta, my fellow countrymen why?’
[does it mean that we should now be going to the swimming pool in whole- body covering clothes like ‘bubus’

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