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ZAMBIANS from all walks of life have bid farewell to President Edgar Lungu and thanked him for the development delivered during his tenure of office.
The people have also wished the outgoing President well and expressed gratitude for ensuring a smooth transition of power.
In random interviews conducted by the Daily Nation, Ms Felistus Mulumba said President Lungu would always be remembered for putting the peace and security of the country first before self-ego.
Ms. Mulumba said President Lungu’s legacy would live on owing to the massive infrastructure development witnessed during his reign especially in the road and health sector.
Ms. Mulumba said apart from the infrastructure development, President Lungu also uplifted women and the vulnerable in society through various empowerment initiatives such as keep the girl-child in school among others.
“President Lungu will be remembered for so many things especially for ensuring that the underprivileged in society had better livelihood and apart from that he also ensured that every Zambian had access to quality health care and education,” said Ms. Mulumba.
Mr Davis Phiri, a farmer from Chongwe thanked President Lungu for the FISP programme and the distribution of inputs on time.
Mr Phiri said President Lungu deserves respect especially that he respected each and every Zambian regardless of their political affiliation.
He said the former Head of State also respected human rights and never wanted to inflict pain on anyone as he stood for justice and peace.
“President Lungu respected people’s rights and he never wished to infringe on anyone’s rights, therefore he will be missed and we wish him well,” he said.
Meanwhile, the citizens have also wished the newly elected President Hakainde Hichilema success as he takes charge of the nation.


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