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THE Zambia Institute of Architects has called on the UPND alliance administration to review the public private partnership procurement models and the systematic scrutiny of some government to government bilateral construction projects that secluded particiation of the local consultants.

 ZIA President Bwalya Masabo also urged Government to ensure prudence in the procurement of works and services in the sector by engaging professional bodies like ZIA.

Mr Masabo said this would enable the country to build capacity among the local consultants through the transfer of skills and guarantee the right value of public money invested on the projects . He said the institute was ready to offer sound guidance on matters of national development to the Government so that it could effectively contribute to the construction industry.

Mr Masabo said in a congratulatory statement that Governments drive for economic growth coupled with local private investment will inevitably result in an in – crease in demand for property development.

He has also congratulated President Hakainde Hichle ma on his election and inauguration as the 7th President of Zambia. Zambia Institute of Architects (ZIA) was founded in 1954, as the Northern Rhodesia Institute of Architects (NRIA).

It became the Zambia Institute of Architects in 1964 at independence. The functions of the Zam bia Institute of Architects are performed by the Council and the Council for purposes of performing its functions under the Act, establishes committees consisting of members of the Institute.

Established through an Act of Parliament n.36 of 1995 as a body corporate with perpetual succession and a common seal, capable of suing and being sued in its corporate name and with power, subject to the provision of the Act.


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