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THE Livingstone High Court has sentenced a 20-year-old man to death for killing a friend and getting away with his belongings.

In this case, Lushomo Mudenda and Bright Hachongwe were charged with aggravated robbery and murder. Hachongwe was however acquitted. On December 30, last year in Kalomo, Mudenda acting with others unknown killed Chrispine Muuka aged between 30 and 40 years.

Mudenda also robbed Muuka using a weapon and got away with a motor cycle and cell phone, all valued at K10,000. The duo pleaded not guilty to the charge leading to them standing trial. In sentencing Mudenda, Judge Kenneth Mulife said he was satisfied with the prosecution evidence as it has proved their case beyound reasonable doubt.

 “I find him guilty of the two charges. I have not found any extenuating circumstances, in aggravated robbery and murder. “I sentence you to death, you will be hanged by the neck until you are certified and pronounced dead by a medical practitioner,” he said.

On Hachongwe, Judge Mulife said the accused was with Mudenda on the day he was apprehended but there was no direct evidence to show that he participated in committing the crimes.

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