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THE African Woman Foundation (TAWF) has called on President Hakainde Hichilema to establish a commission of inquiry on the performance law enforcement agencies.

According to TAWF, an inquiry should be instituted to investigate Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) for their alleged failure to protect the country’s natural resources and public finances.

TAWF president, Joseph Moyo, has also demanded a complete overhaul of the law enforcement institutions for allegedly failing the nation. Mr Moyo said this was so because the same institutions failed to investigate and bring to book individuals who were in the previous government for offences of alleged corruption and abetting crimes.

He wondered why only a few days after President Hakainde was declared the winner, the law enforcement agencies started rising to the occasion to bring to book culprits of crimes. Mr Moyo said the same institutions were watching allegations of corruption which the UPND was talking about during campaigns and only want to act now.

 “We are very much aware that we now have a new administration, the UPND led government and one of the issues the UPND when they were campaign, they ran on a number of issues of corruption and so many other allegations levelled against the outgoing administration led by the Patriotic Front. “Some of these issues were brought to the fore.

Our concern is not so much to deal with corruption allegations but we want to focus on the institutions that are tasked to protect us and to protect our resources,” Mr Moyo said. He added: “As the African Women Foundation we want to believe there was so much wrong-doing, stealing, corruption, abuse of our money, then we cannot only focus on those accused but will be just as a country to focus on equally on those tasked to watch over our resources.”

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