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REMOVING political cadres from the streets, bus stations and markerts without empowering them might have a backlash, New Hope MMD president Nevers Mumba has warned.

In an interview, Dr Mumba, who commended President Hakainde Hichilema for having removed political cadres from public facilities, said cadrerism almost destroyed the country.

Dr Mumba said had he won the August 12 Presidential elections, he would have removed cadres from the streets like President Hichilema did.

He however said the UPND Government should come up with economic programmes to incorporate the political cadres so that they do not become vulnerable without any source of income.

He warned that failure to empower them economically would backfire.

“I think if he (President Hichilema) can stay on to deploy these young people into useful enterprises, then we would say we have solved this problem.

“But if we removed them from the streets without thinking where they are going, we might have a backlash,” Dr Mumba said.

He advised the UPND Government to quickly put in place alternative programmes for cadres out of the streets.

He said political cadres who were chased from the streets needed entrepreneurial programmes and training to help them get back on their feet to support their wellbeing.

Meanwhile, cadrerism has resurfaced in some markets and bus stations in Lusaka and traders have appealed to police to intervene because they are being harassed to pay illegal fees.

Cadres are still present and in charge of markets and are now intimidating traders especially those who trade from New Soweto.

A check by the Daily Nation found cadres clad in UPND regalia manning bus stops at Chibolya Primary and at Masauko in Kanyama Township.

Also cadres were seen in New and Old Soweto market moving around talking to traders.

And some traders talked to are disappointed in the manner they are being threatened by UPND cadres that if they fail to oblige with the new regulations, they would be removed from the market.

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