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CIVIC activist Laura Miti, has cautioned UPND Secretary General Batuke Imenda, to stop creating anarchy through statements that are not under his jurisdiction.

And former State House Press aide, Dickson Jere, said President Hakainde Hichilema should move to State House because that was the only place with requisite security infrastructure.

Ms Miti, who is Alliance for Community Action executive director, said the UPND officials should stop creating unnecessary confusion but keep quiet on matters relating to where the President lives and works from as it was the mandate of State House to speak on such issues.

“Why would the UPND Secretary General, Batuke Imenda inform the nation where the President will live? Not his role! No more anarchy please.

“If the substantive spokespersons are not in place, then let the administration keep quiet about certain matters,” Ms Miti said.

She said there should be a clear separation between party and state.

Mr Imenda reportedly said that President Hichilema would continue living at his private residence but that he would be working from State House.

Mr Jere however said State House residences at Nkwazi and State Lodge were the only facilities in the country designed to secure the Head of State and there was need for President Hichilema to move in for his own safety.

“The President should move to State House. That is a security installation for the Head of State and it has things that his private house does not have.”

“The Zambian President has two places – Nkwazi and State Lodge – heavily equipped for the Head of State. My humble view is that he should move,” Mr Jere said.

And Mr Imenda however said his statement regarding Mr Hichilema’s s residence was picked out of context.

He said the statement attributed to him that Mr Hichilema had the right to stay in a place he believed was safe was a UPND position  and not State House.

“Our view is that, in the absence of any appointed State House spokesperson or indeed any appointed legal person for State House, only the Secretary to the Cabinet  has the right to comment on State House related matters and the President,” Mr Jere said in a statement yesterday.

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