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THE booing of former President Edgar Lungu by UPND cadres is saddening and must be condemned by all Zambians, the Patriotic Front (PF) has said.

PF deputy media director,. Edwin Lifwekelo, said the irresponsible behaviour

by UPND cadres if not checked, would set a very bad precedent for future inauguration programmes and future former presidents.

Mr Lifwekelo said in a statement that the PF took great exception to the booing of Mr Lungu during the inauguration ceremony of President Hakainde Hichilema at National Heroes stadium on Tuesday.

Mr Lifwekelo

He said the booing was unnecessary and if not handled with care, it might haunt the ruling UPND leaders when their time to handle over power comes.

said. He said Mr Lungu did not deserve that treatment from UPND cadres as the inauguration was a national event and not a party affair.

“President Edgar Lungu served with humility this great nation of Zambia through various developmental programmes, refused to petition even when he had the right to do so but he chose peace and to boo him in

such a despicable manner

in front of the international community speaks to the very core of UPND leadership, it’s an indictment on the UPND administration,” Mr Lifwekelo

“We therefore call upon President Hakainde Hichilema to take it upon himself to make a public statement and condemn such unfortunate and uncivilized behavior from UPND cadres,” he said.

Mr Lifwekelo reminded the UPND cadres that President Hichilema was elected by majority Zambians from all walks of life and was now national trophy. Mr Lifwekelo said the PF was committed

to working with the UPND Government on matters of national interest and would be quick to give counsel when it was necessary to do so.


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