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CONTROVERSY erupted at Nakatindi Hall in Lusaka yesterday after ECZ polling agents with some PF members were caught by UPND officials allegedly altering G20 forms for Matero, Chawama and, Mandevu constituencies as well as the Lusaka mayoral election to tally with their fake records.

The team was allegedly found filling in new G20 forms inside the hall while some destroyed original forms were found by the UPND officials within the same premises in the bins.

Upon seeing the UPND officials who were tipped by the public, one of the ECZ officials escaped.

The suspects were taken to Lusaka Central Police were the altered documents were presented before the law enforcers and arrangements have been made to present the documents at ECZ today.

No arrests have been made.

Losing UPND Mandevu constituency candidate, Aron Mulope thanked the public for being vigilant.

Mr Mulope said at Lusaka Central Police that the PF were jittery over the petition against the Mandevu constituency seat and decided to tamper with the G 20 documents by destroying the original documents and fill in blank ones.

Mr Mulope accused the PF and ECZ officials of denying the people of Mandevu their victory.

Mr Mulope said that the G20 documents have since been seized and they will remain with the police at the Lusaka Central police station then handed over to ECZ in the presences of UPND lawyers and members.

He explained that the documents will be opened one by one today at Nakatindi Hall.

And Assistant District Electoral Officer, Clive Mongu said it was routine voter verification that was going on at Nakatindi Hall.

Mr Mongu said confirmed that the process came to a standstill after some political party members interrupted the process.

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