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…as NDC squabbles deepens 


DRAMA has continued brewing in the National Democratic Congress (NDC) after faction leader Joseph Akafumba reported Saboi Imboela and Fabian Mutale to the police for trying to change the ownership of the party at the registrar’s office.

Mr Akafumba said in an interview that on several occasions the duo had tried to manipulate the ownership at the registrar’s office but failed.

He said that the documents at the registrar’s office indicated that he was the party’s vice president together with Ms Bridget Attanga as the secretary general.

Mr Akafumba said that the trend had gone far and that he had decided to report the two to the police so that they could stop masquerading as NDC officials.

“I’m going to report Ms Saboi Imboela and Fabian Mutale who have constantly tried to alter documentation at the Registrar’s office and this has to come to an end now,” he said.

He said that the two had decided to follow former leader Chishimba Kambwiliwhose bid to support the Patriotic Front ended badly after they lost power at the hands of the UPND.

Mr Akafumba said that he was shocked that the two had for a long time tried to undermine the law with impunity by trying to remove him from the list of office bearers.

He said the coming of the new government would help bring sanity since it did not promote lawlessness as was the case in the past.

“I want to warn these individuals not to be funny because the law is going to catch up with them since the new president will not shield criminals,” Mr Akafumba said.

Mr Akafumba said that there was a court order stopping the two from masquerading as NDC leaders

Meanwhile, Ms Imboela said the remarks by Mr Akafumba were shocking because he was expelled three times from the central committee.

She said that her team had removed him from the party structures and what was only remaining was for them to change the names at the registrar’s office.

“What was delaying us was the court case which we have coming next week but once we conclude then we are going to remove him from the list,” Ms Imboela said.

She said all the 10 provinces recommended that Mr Akafumba, Ms Attanga and Mwenya Musenge be expelled from the party.

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