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THE UPND has made Zambians highly expectant and should just fulfil the promises which include free education and employment creation for youths, The Anti-Voter Apathy Project (AVAP) has said.

AVAP Copperbelt Provincial Coordinator, Poster Jumbe, said Zambians should not be blamed for being too expectant of the UPND administration.

Mr Jumbe was reacting to opposition National Restoration Party (NAREP) President Steve Nyirenda who advised Zambians not to become too expectant of the UPND administration as it would be disastrous if they do not get what they were anticipating.

Mr Nyirenda said it was clear from the excitement that Zambians were asking too much and if they do not tone down, they risk being disappointed even under the UPND administration.

But Mr Jumbe said Zambians had become too expectant of its government and will hold it accountable to ensure campaign promises are met.

“Election campaign promises must not be mere political rhetoric, but must be fulfilled. So if a political party which has formed government promised free education and employment for youths, it must be held accountable.

“In this case, the UPND made a lot of promises which included free education and employment for youths. No one should say that don’t be too expectant of the UPND administration. Promises must be fulfilled,” Mr Jumbe insisted.

Mr Jumbe said Zambians must not allow politicians to backtrack on campaign promises after using the same campaigns to win the elections because doing so would be tantamount to playing with the minds of the electorate.

Meanwhile the AVAP coordinator has praised Sixth Republican President Edgar Lungu for respecting the decision of the people when he handed power to President elect Hakainde Hichilema.

Mr Jumbe said Mr Lungu had demonstrated that he was a mature leader who understands democracy and the importance of peaceful transition of power.

He was however disappointed that some UPND cadres decided to boo Mr Lungu when he arrived at the stadium to hand over the instruments of power to President Hichilema.

“It is really sad that UPND cadres could boo President Lungu on his arrival at the stadium to handover power to President Hichilema. That conduct was disrespectful and uncalled for. We should learn to respect former leaders.

“I think Mr Lungu is a mature leader who understands democracy and the importance of peaceful transition of power from one government to the other,” he said.

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