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NEWLY-ELECTED Matero PF Member of Parliament Miles Sampa, says the former ruling party lost power because President Edgar Lungu had wrong advisors.

Mr Sampa in his Facebook post said he did not have a problem with the former president, but that some people had captured the presidency.

He said the individuals shielded all the younger politicians from accessing the president who could have given him vital information on what youths were saying arising from interactions at the council.

Mr Sampa said people around the president instead kept cooking lies against others to sustain their relevance.

“One old capturer even attempted to chase me and my wife from the Presidential wedding where the bride and groom were from my council as Mayor, this capturer won in 2016 by 200 votes but still managed to force himself into being adopted in 2021,” he said.

Mr Sampa said he did not know what capture powers he had on the Head of State because he was influential and in the process the PF lost the border town and the PF Presidential vote as well.

He said President Lungu was his elder brother and that win or lose he remained one and that efforts in Matero towards him showed the best in the country as regards percentage votes achieved for him over registered voters.

“Our nature is to take a position and run with it 100 percent for better or worse and what was seen of ECL post-election at the acceptance speech is what I know of him, a common man like most of us. 

“In the last five years however, that part of him was hijacked by the known ‘big wigs’ for their own glorification and agenda,” he said.


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