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THE opposition PF should improve on democracy in decision making because adopting unwanted candi- dates cost them elections, says former Kanyama as- piring Parliamentary Can- didate in the just ended Election, Chris Changwere- za as he resigned from the former ruling party.

He said the loss to UPND was avoidable if only the party Central Committee had listened to the concerns from the grassroots and Zambians in general.

“Despite the grassroots rejecting some candidates, the party Central Committee went ahead to adopt them leading to the party to lose support even in its strong- hold,” he said.
Mr Changwereza said as the party gets on its journey to reclaiming its lost glory, his advice is that the party supreme body should pay more attention to the con- cerns of the general mem- bership.

And his resignation letter addressed to PF Kanyama Constituency chairman De- lux Sichinga, Mr Changw- ereza said he was leaving the party after realizing that it was unattainable to con- tinue pursuing his political dream in the PF because of undemocratic tendencies, especially what was exhib- ited during the adoption process in the just ended

“Unpopular candidates
were forced on the elector- ates, but these were not sur- prisingly, roundly rejected by the grassroots in the gen- eral elections,” he said.
“After deep reflection and consultations with my fami- ly, friends, church members and grassroots supporters, I have decided to resign from the Patriotic Front with im- mediate effect to allow me concentrate on growing my business. Regrettably I find it unattainable to continue pursuing a political dream in the PF Party because of undemocratic tendencies, especially what was exhibit- ed during the adoption pro- cess,” read part of the letter addressed to Mr Sichinga.

Mr Changwereza

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