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Speak out on ECL booing, UPND told

Speak out on ECL booing, UPND told

THE UPND leadership should not keep quiet over booing of former President, Edgar Lungu during the inauguration ceremony of President Hakainde Hichilema, the Bishops Council of Zambia (BCZ) has said.

BCZ general secretary, Abel Kaela, said the UPND leaders should condemn the disrespectful behaviour of their supporters mostly youths to prove that indeed they were not out for revenge and retribution.

Bishop Kaela condemned the disrespectful behaviour towards the former President in front of foreign Heads of State and governments as well as other dignitaries.

He said Mr Lungu deserves respect despite having failed Zambians in one way or the other because he did what he could to try and better the country’s economy.

“What happened during the inauguration ceremony was not right for youths to boo the former Head of State. If this is not condemned, we are likely to see such uncultured behaviour continue to happen to every former Head of State,” he said.

Bishop Kaela said he was saddened by the increased moral decay among the young people and it should be the concern of the government and other stakeholders.

He feared that if culture was lost among the youth, the nation would face serious problems hence the need to stop the scourge.

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