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THE Zambia Federation of Disability Organisation (ZAFOD) has called on the newly elected President Hakainde Hichilema to consider allocating a ministerial position to people living with disabilities.

ZAFOD Federal Director Justin Bbakali said that the last time a government had a disabled person was in the Kaunda regime when LazarusTembo was appointed as minister.

Mr Bbakali said that he was sure that President Hichilema would consider appointing a person with disability. He said that it was only right that a disabled person was given an opportunity to serve in one of the ministries.

“I have faith in the new President and I hope he is going to look at the plight of the disabled people in society who have not been considered for a long time,” he said.

Mr Bbakali said Zambia was blessed with very intelligent people who were disabled but were not being considered for positions due to their conditions.

He said the new regime needed to consider them so that they could prove themselves as competent people who could contribute to the growth of the nation.

“We have to rise to the challenge and prove ourselves that we are capable of undertaking any assignment given to us,” Mr Bbakali said.

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