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ARCHBISHOP Telesphore Mpundu says his vocal stance has

made people think that he is a UPND member when he has just been speaking for the or- dinary people.

He said the previous regime betrayed the people which re- sulted in them being voted out because their plight was not being considered.

Bishop Mpundu said during Mass at State House yester- day that most of the clergy in the country were discredited by Zambians because they remained timid even when

things were not going well for them.

He said that he did not care if people called him UPND because he was speaking for Zambians who faced a lot of challenges during the PF re- gime.

“I will not listen even if I’m accused of being UPND. What I want is what is best for Zam- bia and right now we have seen a new era in Zambian politics,” he said.

Bishop Mpundu, speaking during a Homily Mass at State House yesterday said that he was proud of Zambians be- cause they rose and ensured that their votes brought in a

new dawn.

He said when people spoke

through the vote it was the will of God that spoke and there was need to respect the wish of the creator.

Bishop Mpundu challenged the new government to be worthy of the task given to them by Zambians by ensur- ing that they delivered on their campaign promises.

He said the previous regime created divisions as people were segregated if they did not have money but now they were liberated.

Bishop Mpundu said the new President, Mr Hakainde Hichilema was a humble per-

Bishop Mpundu

son who put the country first instead of his personal inter- ests.

He called on the President to continue defeating forces that brought division and did not respect the wish of the people because they held the country down.


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