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SOME bus operators at the new Kalomo Bus Station have expressed concern with lack of maintenance of the facility by the local authority.

The operators have complained that the Kalomo Town Council (KTC) had not been maintaining the new facility since it was commissioned. Mr Timothy Mubindi of Shalom Bus Company bemoaned the poor state of the toilets drivers and passengers had been using.

Mr Mubindi said despite the bus station being new, the toilets were no longer working properly. He wondered why the local authority was failing on maintain the toilet systems when it had been collecting revenue from operators and also charging passengers using the same toilets.

Mr Eric Mweemba from Power Tools Company said drivers and commuters do not have access to water at the facility as the tap was always locked as greens were now drying up.

‘Mr Mweemba challenged management at the local authority to rise to the occasion and start providing services to the people at the facility. He called on the local authority to come to their aid in order to reduce such challenges.

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