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Sean Tembo receives death threats from UPND sympathisers


VOCAL politician Sean Tembo and some PF officials have been receiving death threats from some UPND cadres.

Mr Tembo said UPND supporters were responding with rage and violence because of the advice and checks and balances which he had been providing to the new Government.

“l want to put it on record that the reason we provide checks and balances is because we love this country and we want President Hakainde Hichilema to succeed.

“We know that when he succeeds, Zambians would have succeeded and Zambia as a nation will be a success story,” he said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday.

Mr Tembo, who is PeP leader however said it was disappointing that UPND supporters were getting outraged instead of welcoming the checks and balances that would help the new government succeed.

“One of these people, a Mr Hamanyuma of phone 0972….. has even gone to the extent of issuing death threats against us,” he said.

Mr Tembo said UPND supporters ought to know that as an opposition political party, it was the mandate of PeP to provide checks and balances.

He said it was not everything that would be said in the quest to provide checks and balances that would be pleasant to the UPND supporters.

“Sometimes they might like what we say, sometimes they might not like what we say, but we need to coexist in the spirit of One Zambia One Nation,” said Mr Tembo.

Mr Tembo said others had insinuated that the reason why he had been very assertive in providing checks and balances to the new administration was because he wanted a job from them.

He however said the PeP’s assertiveness in providing checks and balances started from the time that the PF was in Government.

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