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PATRIOTIC Front (PF) officials should not resign out of emotions after losing the 2021 elections, but wait for the dust to settle, PF Copperbelt deputy media director Munalula Moola has said

He said officials who were resigning after the August 12 elections loss were doing so out of frustrations and that they would not achieve anything by acting hastily.

In an interview in Kitwe yesterday, Mr Moola said those PF officials who have decided to ditch the party after the loss were only telling people that they were not committed and loyal members.

He said loyal members and officials must encourage the PF Members of Parliament, mayors, councillors and continue to show respect to former republican President Edgar Lungu.

“Those who are resigning from the party now after the loss, they would not have resigned if the party had won the elections. The loss has identified cowards and those who are not loyal to the party

“My message to those who are resigning from the party after the loss is that they should not act out of emotions, but they should remain calm and wait for the dust to settle. Once the dust has settled, Zambians will realise the mistake they made,” Mr Moola said

Mr Moola said the church, civil society organisations and other stakeholders had remained silent on the harassment of the PF members and officials by the UPND cadres.

He said the PF was disappointed that the UPND leadership had equally been silent, an indication that the attacks were sanctioned by the top leadership.

Mr Moola said from the time the PF North-Western Province chairperson, Mr Jackson Kungo was killed at a polling station, rarely a week passes without a PF official being beaten.

“We may be quiet, but our hearts are bleeding with what is happening in this country. The UPND leadership is quiet and this silence may be misunderstood that the attacks on our members were well calculated and sanctioned by the top leadership

“The church, the CSOs and other stakeholders are silent. Is it wrong for PF to conclude that the killing and harassment of our members is fine in the minds of the vocal clergymen? PF was not killing people in broad daylight,” Mr Moola said.

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