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Dear Editor,

THE People’s Initiative Charter would like to put it on record, that the charter applaudes the appointment of r Remmy Kajoba as Inspector General of the Zambia Police Service.

Mr Kajoba has served the service in different capacities and its against that background that we have faith and confidence that he will restore the integrity of the service.

We note that the country has for a longtime been in limbo with regards the conduct of the Zambia Police service.

It has also been difficult for the service to perform as an independent institution due to interference from politicans and their cohorts.

The appointment of Mr Kajoba and the two deputy IGs has therefore come at the right time.

We urge the police to be loyal to the people of Zambia and they ought to respect the rule of law, human rights and the civil liberties of all citizens.

We equally ask Mr Kajoba to be fair with the appointments and transfers within the service. The issue of recruitment in the service ought to be above board to allow all Zambians with the potential to join the service.

The era of caderism and nepotism have no room in the new democratic dispensation.


Executive Chairperson,

People’s Initiative Charter.

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