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THE UPND Government must allow competent Zambians to run the mines and not hand them back to foreigners, a mining expert, Mr Edward Simukonda has said.

Mr Simukonda said it would be unreasonable for Government to give away mines again to foreigners who had been mistreating Zambians.

In an interview, he said: “Since we need to recapitalise the mines, what we need is to find money and not investors. We welcome the new Government and the great speech the President gave.

“My advice is that we should give ourselves a chance to run the mines as Zambians. I have maintained this stance for years.  The investors that we keep bringing to the mines come to make money, not that they love us at all,” he said.

Mr Simukonda said Zambia has qualified professionals who could run the mines effectively and the country would benefit both in revenue gain, employment and currency gain.

“If we are to bring in investors, then the Zambian government must be the majority shareholder in every deal.

“We at 57 years old should avoid retrogressive deals that will disadvantage Zambians. God help us,” Mr Simukonda said.

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