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ZAMBIA should avoid unnecessary by-elections by adopting proportional representation electoral system, Our-Civic-Duty Association (OCiDA) Executive Secretary Simon Kabanda has said.

Mr Kabanda said the country should come up with an electoral system that would eliminate by-elections at all costs.

“The country should adopt the proportional representation electoral system. According to this electoral system there are no by-elections whenever a vacancy occurs in the National Assembly,” Mr Kabanda said in an interview.

He said by-elections were a drain on the nation’s resources.

Mr Kabanda said the resources that were used during by-elections could be channelled to more productive ventures.

Over 70 parliamentary election petitions have been filed in the various high courts across the country.

Nullification of any seat entails that there will be a by-election in accordance with Article 72 (8) which states that: “Where a vacancy occurs in the National Assembly, the Speaker shall, within seven days, inform the Electoral Commission of the vacancy, in writing, and a by-election shall be held in accordance with Article 57.”

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