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DEATH threats on politicians offering checks and balances on government will not be tolerated and should be stopped immediately, UPND national chairperson Stephen Katuka has warned.

And Mr Katuka urged politicians to give UPND space to organise itself and form a proper government through pending appointments before offering checks and balances.

He said it was absurd for anyone to think of taking away someone’s life just because they hold divergent views.

Mr Katuka said each person had their own opinions and that it was important to respect the opinions of others.

Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) president Sean Tembo and some PF officials have been receiving death threats from some UPND cadres.

Mr Tembo said UPND supporters were responding with rage and violence because of the advice and checks and balances which he had been providing to the new government.

Mr Katuka however said death threats on individuals holding divergent views would not be tolerated in the new regime and should be stopped immediately.

“I don’t encourage or support people making death threats. We will not tolerate death threats. Just because someone does not hold the same view as you then you want to terminate their life, that will not be condoned,” he said.

And Mr Katuka wondered why politicians had already started offering checks and balances when UPND was still organising its government.

He said the current senior government officials were appointees of the PF government and that it would be unfair to rub their performance on UPND.

“Also these Permanent Secretaries you are seeing are appointees of the PF and the budget is still a PF budget. So what checks and balances are they offering on us? Let them give us chance,” said Mr Katuka.

Mr Katuka said Mr Tembo’s checks and balances were not well intended.

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