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Gemstone miners cry for machinery

Gemstone miners cry for machinery


WORKING capital and machinery are some of the most important aspects that the small scale miners in Lufwanyama gemstone area need to develop and grow the gemstone industry, small scale miners have said.

Emerald and Semi-Precious Minerals Association of Zambia (ESMAZ) General Secretary, Shadreck Mwape, said the small scale miners had failed to fully develop their mines because of the lack of investment and equipment.

In an interview, Mr Mwape said he was hopeful that the new government would introduce policies which would support the small scale miners and enable them develop their mines.

He said President Hichilema’s speech at his inaugural ceremony had brought hope to the small scale

“We are hopeful that the government of President Hichilema will look at the interests of small scale miners and protect their interests. We have been unable to develop our mines because of lack of investment and machinery.

“As we congratulate President Hichilema, we must state that we have confidence in his leadership and we are sure that he will safeguard the interests of small scale miners and local businessmen in general,” Mr Mwape said.

Mr Mwape urged small scale miners to get united and ensure that they benefit from the good policies which the new Government would introduce.

He said government would deliver his campaign promises which include promoting investment and food security because of his sound economic policies some of which were articulated in his inaugural speech.

“We are hopeful that the republican President would come up with a team that would support him to implement the sound economic policies to take the country to greater heights

“President Hichilema delivered an inspirational speech during his inauguration ceremony and for me, I think that he needs support from Zambians, but the most important of all he needs a team that will help and support him to set the stage for economic recovery,” he said

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