GHOST workers appearing on government payroll must brace for the long arm of the law as investigative wings will catch up with them, UPND Alliance spokesperson, Leslie Chikuse has warned. Ongoing ghost workers investigation auditing allegedly indicated that Zesco had 110 permanent workers countrywide who had not shown up physically for their duties and their phone numbers were unreachable, Zambia Railways 90, ZAMTEL 71 permanent workers, Zambia Air Force 201, Zambia Army 214, ZNS193 and government teachers 897.

Others are 723 government nurses, Zambia Police 307, ZANACO 103, Agriculture and Fisheries department 89, ZAWA 177 and ZRA 67. Mr Chikuse said those who had been benefiting from the scam would be arrested and prosecuted in line with the law. This follows reports that investigations had revealed that some people were appearing on the government payroll when they were not civil servants. Mr Chikuse said in an interview that investigations would be speeded up so that all those involved were made to account for their actions.

He called on the investigative wings to be proactive so that justice could prevail. Mr Chikuse said the UPND Alliance would ensure that the matter did not drag like was the case with the gassing scandal. “This thing is new, but this time we will make sure that people are brought to book,” he said. Mr. Chikuse said justice must not only be done but must also be seen to be done and the UPND Alliance would ensure that justice was seen to the public.

He said President Hakainde Hichilema was very serious about zero tolerance to corruption. Mr Chikuse maintained that Mr Hichilema would stand firm on ensuring that the law was followed and that people understand that no one is above the law.

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