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The National Assembly today elected its first ever woman speaker Nelly Mutti.
The House also elected the first deputy and second deputy speaker former Gwembe member of parliament, Attractor Chisangano and incumbent Luangueni member of parliament,Moses Frank Moyo respectively, an event that was followed by their swearing -in.
All the three speakers were nominated by the UPND and went unopposed.

But the opposition PF members of parliament have expressed disappointment over the manner in which the ruling party made its nominations for the position of speaker, first and second deputy speaker.
Leader of the opposition in the house Brian Munubile said that the nominations were not inclusive.
The Mporokoso Constituency law maker said there seemed to be an appetite to obliterate the opposition by the President Hakainde Hichilema.
“…to want to bring about a one party state but we want to make one undertaking, we will not allow that , we will fight to the hilt. The new slogan now is one Zambia !one Region!” he said
“If people monitor the statements coming from the UPND president, there have been inconsistences. The first statement he made was that they were going to be inclusive. So what we have seen is total failure,” he said.
“We will ensure the Zambian people know the kind leadership they have in the UPND.”
“We have a house that is not inclusive. We expected severity in the house .There has been a smooth transfer of power. So we expected to have a parliament that will be decent. We are worried that the composition of the presiding officers leaves much to be desired,” he said
Meanwhile, in congratulating the newly elected speakers , Vice President W-K Mutale Nalumanga asked the newly elected speaker to be fair in making rulings on national matters in the house.

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