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BUS drivers and vendors who are known PF sympathisers have been stopped from operating from major bus stations in Lusaka.

Some of the victims talked to say the ban was effected immediately UPND was announced winner of the August 12 elections.

A vendor, whose name has been withheld said the trading spaces in town along Lumumba Road were reallocated to UPND supporters.

Commuter Rights Association of Zambia president Aaron Kamuti said the new government should look into the matter where some bus drivers had allegedly been stopped from operating from bus stations.

Mr Kamuti, who confirmed having received the reports said it was unfair to deny fellow Zambians of a livelihood simply because they expressed their right to belong to a political party of their choice.

He said that President Hakainde Hichilema had made it clear that cadrerism should not be allowed in bus stations hence UPND members should follow the directive.

Mr Kamuti explained that to stop PF sympathisers from freely going about their businesses was against the directive by the Head of State.

He said that every person had the right to belong to a political party hence he or she must not be victimised for exercising their rights.

Mr Kamuti also disclosed that he was aware that some bus operators are also side-lining some of their drivers who worked with the previous regime.

He called on the government to take action on such bus operators and drivers who are victimising their fellow drivers.

Mr Kamuti also disclosed that there is a bus operator who is manipulating bus fares in Lusaka when it is peak hour.

He said that the named operator belongs to the association of bus operators and is behind the hiking of fares around Lusaka especially at peak hours.

Mr Kamuti vowed to write to the ministry of Transport and Communications once the cabinet is formed.

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