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Investigations by Health Inspectors have revealed that there was a presence of a pesticide called MONOCROTOPHOS in the shawama which allegedly caused food poisoning on the Copperbelt province.
Kitwe City Council Public Relations Manager CHOLA MWAMBA says health inspectors detected the MONOCROTOPHOS in the lettuce used in preparing the shawarma and in food leftovers.
Ms MWAMBA says the presence of the pesticide in the food shows that it was still active even at the time of harvest from the garden.
She says the local authority has directed After Ten Food Outlets to ensure they observe the chemical withdrawal period at harvest so that the food they sell does not have the presence of microbial hazards.
Last week, hundreds of residents in Kitwe, Ndola, Masaiti and Chingola were treated for food poisoning after consuming shawarma from After Ten food outlets.
This forced the Kitwe City Council to shut down the main outlet for After Ten where most of the victims bought the shawarma from.


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