IT is pointless to rebrand the party with the same people who failed, Patriotic Front youth Chanoda Ngwira has said.

Mr Ngwira said that for the party to be rebranded there must be total change including leaders who contributed to the loss of the elections.

He said in an interview that some of the members who were being recycled in the name of rebranding were not capable of turning fortunes around for the party.

Mr Ngwira said that if rebranding the party was to work, there was need to bring fresh leaders including youths.

“Rebranding has to be a total change, recycling the people who failed is not rebranding; it’s like using the same team but just changing players’ positions; those people do not love the party.

“There are a lot of people who can take up positions. I wonder why they want to bring finished politicians,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Ngwira said PF vice president Given Lubinda was part of the people who failed the party hence appointing him to the top most position would be a mistake.

He said that the party needed a leader who was ready to support it financially.

Mr Ngwira said that being a leader of an opposition party was not easy as it required the leader to use his or her resources for the running of the party adding that some of the leaders in the PF are financially stable but cannot spend.

 “Some of these members must be on the bench. We need young people to be at the helm of the Presidency and new leadership if the rebranding is to make sense.

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