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Dear Editor,

IT’S not the issue of gender but the long standing political issue of the illusion of truth that I have covered over a few years exposing the subjective nature of this flawed political system we have been yoked with by our former colonial masters.

Repetition makes a fact seem truer, regardless of whether it is or not. Understanding this effect can help you avoid falling for propaganda emanating from our current political system that won’t debate solutions to our developmental challenges but will seek to paint political opponents blacker than charcoal as the only way up.

“I have inherited empty coffers!” come on guys! 

Repeating a lie often enough to make it become the truth is a law of propaganda. Among psychologists, this is known as the “illusion of truth” effect.

In Zambia, today, we rarely take time to question the validity of negative statements we come across involving public figures so it’s easier for politicians to use corruption allegations to get rid of their political opponents instead of engaging in competitive debates at the level of developmental ideas.

No one is guilty until proven so by the courts of law. The UPND today is mouthful of the word corruption and empty coffers as a political propaganda tool but it’s gratifying to note that despite the grave allegations against our first female Speaker, the ruling party has chosen to stand by the truth.

I hope Zambian will learn an ounce of truth from this! No one is guilty until proven so by the courts of law. Therefore, allow me to quote Dickson Jere, my man, to give you a true narrative of how people with critical mindsets think, and I quote.

“Congratulations to senior counsel Nelly Mutti on her election as Speaker of the National Assembly – the first female to hold that lofty position.

Mutti once served as Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) vice president. She was later appointed by President Levy Mwanawasa as Commissioner on the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) where I worked with her, among others, to draft the country’s new constitution. She is a very diligent lawyer. 

Few years ago, whomever toe she stepped on, she was harassed, arrested and charged for theft over a purely civil matter involving her clients – civil servantsretirees. The State later dropped all the charges after the case collapsed with just two witnesses. 

I was one of her defence lawyers in that case as shown below leaving Magistrate Court. I am sure she will be Speaker with fairness. Congratulations!”

Countrymen and women, how many lives should we allow these selfish politicians to destroy before we wake up from slumber? Noone is guilty until proven so by the courts of law. By repeating lies often enough against their opponents, we have gone on to take them as honourable men and women telling us the truth,  living by the law of propaganda, the “illusion of truth” effect.

You can’t make your candle shine any brighter by blowing off that of your opponent. If it’s more light we truthfully need, then let’s learn to light other people’s candles in the absence of those several of our own.

Congratulations Madam Speaker!

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