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Some Chavuma residents have rejected the proposed average of 5 to 14 per cent increment on water tariffs which the North-Western Water Supply and Sanitation Company (NWWSSC) is planning to implement.

The residents argue that the water utility company in the district does not provide sustainable water supply to its clients.

During a NWWSSC consultative meetings with customers yesterday, one of the residents, Rex Chalata opposed the increment arguing that the firm does not provide a sustainable water supply according to its mission statement.

 “As I make my submission, I wish to oppose the increment of water tariffs. The reason is that your firm increased the tariffs a few years ago but we never saw any tangible changes in the supply of water and service delivery. What is the guarantee now that we will see changes in its operations,’’ Mr. Chalata asked.

Another customer, Chivunda Sakayi accused water metre readers of entering figures that are different from what is obtaining on actual meter readings.

Sakayi argued that most residents have experienced circumstances where the meter readers give them ‘incorrect bills’ when water is not supplied in their areas.

 “It is unfair that the company has continued to charge us when we only receive water for about one to two hours in a day and mostly at night,” Mr. Sakayi said.

NWWSSC Managing Director, Happy Musumali said there was need to increase water tariffs to enable the water utility firm to meet various operational costs and increase water supply.

 He however promised to take all the considerations that were raised during the meeting and table them before his team. –  ZANIS

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